"Songwriter Allen Crutcher brings a level of humility and honest charm to his stage performances---a quality that perfectly reflects the tone and feel of his songwriting....Crutcher is at once workmanly and dynamic as he fills out the texture of each song in a flat-picking style that weaves complex patterns of notes through chords without trying to show off or sound flashy..." 
Jef Fretwell, Medford Mail Tribune


Welcome to my music website. I'm in the process of posting new and updated songs on the "Music" page, more to come soon. Downloads are free, just asking for your email address to be in touch, other than:

If you would like to purchase a download of I'm Just a Stranger in This Town with all proceeds split equally between the National Alliance to End Homelessness and Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland (Oregon), here's your opportunity. Thanks for your help and support in alleviating the chaos and despair of homelessness.
View this and other music videos by Craig Morley at  https://www.youtube.com/user/NostalgicWallow


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