I'm Just a Stranger in This Town

A video montage of images put together by friend and former bandmate Craig Morley based on the Allen Crutcher song and recording of I'm Just a Stranger in This Town. The song is available on this site for download with proceeds going to charities dedicated to alleviating and ending homelessness.
View other music videos by Craig Morley at  https://www.youtube.com/user/NostalgicWallow and below. 

Meanwhile here are two shot in-house by Bob Pennell of the Medford Mail tribune:

Give Myself a Rest

In Exchange for a Teardrop or Two

And a little musical history in the form of video creations of Craig Morley. First, a montage of images of the band Dutch Louie and the recording session for the Crutcher song, Leave It At Home :

Leave It At Home, Dutch Louie

And another fine video creation by Craig based on a stellar vocal performance and recording by mutual friend Kelly Harland, currently living and performing in the Seattle area, of the Crutcher song "This Is Hollywood" :

This Is Hollywood, Kelly Harland

And last but not least, a performance at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA, by Kenny Newberry of Cold White Star, a song co-written by Crutcher and friend, fellow musician and songwriter Peter Pendras, also of the Seattle (Tacoma) area. It's an "extemporaneous" video and the first few seconds didn't make it but Kenny nails it:

Cold White Star, Kenny Newberry